Guidelines for Authors

BHMAH is devoted to the academic study of theology with all its manifestations, i.e religious studies. Monotheistic studies, commentary of holy books, Islamic Jurisprudence, mysticism, history, theology, culture, civilization law, etc. However, it encourages the papers dealing with Socio Religious issues.

  1. The views expressed in articles of BHMAH are not necessarily those of the those of the journal’s editor or its editorial board.
  2. The submitted articles must be original, unpublished and based on academic research. Therefore, the responsibility of any plagiarized material will be on the author himself.
  3. The submitted articles must adhere to research methodology. Articles should be in MS Word (Times New Roman for English, 12 fonts), (Jameel Noori Nastaleeq for Urdu 14 fonts) on one side of the page.
  4. The publication of the papers will depend on the review procedure to ensure quality, originality, academic relevance and creativity.
  5. The Editor of BHMAH reserves the right to make necessary changes in articles sent for publication or or decline them.
  6. Articles, book reviews and critical opinions are warmly welcomed on the following Email Address.
  7. Up to 85% of sources of the article must be primarily but 15% of secondary sources are acceptable.
  8. The language of the articles may be Urdu and English. However, quotations and references may be given in Arabic, Persian and Sindhi, but it will be necessary to write an authentic translation with reference.
  9. In addition to the references of verses of the holy books, a complete reference to the translation of the verses is also required.
  10. All papers are required to be submitted in soft copy. No hard copy will be accepted.
  11. The publication of the articles will be subject to the approval of the Review Committee.
  12. References must be set in Chicago Reference Style.
  13. All references must be written in Endnote instead of Footnote.
  14. The length of the article must not exceed 15-20 pages.
  15. The author will be required to email his short profile (name, designation, address, e-mail, contact number, etc.) along with the research paper.