Unity of thoughts of Eminent Scholars of Religious and Political Parties of Pakistan in Eradicating in Sectarianism

  • Naveed Khan Naveed Khan UOH
  • Dr. Muḥammad Ikramullah Associate Professor, Department of Islamic & Religious Studies, The University of Haripur, KPK, Pakistan


In context of the debate on unity and consensus in Pakistan, all religious sects accept the current division of sects as a reality and consider their amalgamation as out of question. Therefore, they all agree that efforts can be made for unity and harmony while adhering to one’s own beliefs and ideologies. It was suggested by the scholars and intellectuals that the present conceptions and causes of sectarian violence should be examined in depth so that in their light, an alternative statement and strategy for the unity of the Ummah could be formulated. According to the opinion of most of the thinkers, scholars in Pakistan have made efforts for inter-sectarian harmony in the past, which have been very fruitful. Due to this, sectarian violence has been confined to one circle only and the people remained indifferent towards it. By the grace of Allah, there is still a group of pious, high-minded, moderate and insightful scholars and intellectuals of the Ummah who understand the pain of the Muslim Ummah and strive for their unity in Pakistan on all fronts. In the recent past, several forums have sprung up, including the Milli Yakjehati Council and the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal, in which leading scholars of all schools of thought waged a full-scale jihad against professional extremism. Similarly, eminent scholars of all schools of thought wrote books on the subject of collectivism and unity, and played a role in reducing sectarian hatred.