Rules for prohibition and permissibility of edibles and drinks as per Islam and Hinduism

  • Dr. Rashida Parven:HOD Woman University Mardan
Keywords: Appropraite, Hinduism, Verses, Religion, Quran


An elaborate endeavor in studying world religions would glaringly uncover the fact that most of the religions have enacted rules to follow, pertinent to daily livelihood. Such are the set of rules that the followers of the religion must follow. These rules very much include the rules about edibles. The food is something upon which not only human sustenance rests but it also keeps the human soul alive. For the same very reason we find religious and scientific prohibitions on things that are harmful for humans and if consumed evil takes the better of man’s heart, bringing upon him moral redundancy and sinister way of life. Such people are deprived of peace and piety. They ultimately not only suffer unbearable individual loss but also become a burden onto the society, country and nation