The role of Zakat in the socio-economic development of Sindh

  • Amina Mangi Girls college shikarpur
  • Farhana Qazi Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu, Govt; Girls Degree College Shikarpur
  • Dr. Siraj Ahmed Assistant Professor, Department of Pakistan Studies, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur
Keywords: Islam, social, policy, muslim, judgment


A big concern of Sindh (policy makers) is the framework and implementation of policy for Sindh for efficient resource mobilization, allocation , stabilization of the socio- economy and re-distribution of wealth to guarantee equal standard of living for all. The aim of this study is to classify and to provide the disclosure of Zakat emergence in a comprehensive way in light of the Quran. Similarly it is notified to accomplish the socio economic goals through Zakat and its contribution in the development of  Sindh and how it has provided and serves in the perspective and mechanism of social and economic growth of her state. On the other hand the finding of this study is that what are the hindrances in implementing the Zakat distribution among poor and needy humans in Sindh by the government and non government’s institutes because the majority of people in Sindh are giving the Zakat on the voluntary basis. Sindh already came under the red line of poverty, unemployment, crushing debt, distress, lack of educational opportunities, hunger and clean water by crushing them to voluntarily give money ,goods to others for their well being and it could be enhance the individual  status in the society, hence Zakat system is one of the best weapon to fight against it, it will achieve the goals of social basic needs of peoples and Zakat will open the new episode for poor society to participate in the economy of the Sindh.  In order to promote the effectiveness and practices of Zakat for the social and economic sector of Sindh is to extend the pattern of zakat activities through underlying dynamics and determination to design and measure knowledge based policies and systems because there are huge differences among the charity and Zakat and voluntary sadaqah.