Guidelines for Reviewers

Bayan-Ul-Hikmah is a HEC recognized research journal. It follows HEC rules and regulations in articles review process. Our general review policy is given below:

  1. An initial review report is conducted by Editor and Advisory Committee (Editor in chief, Sub-Editor and Assistant Research Affairs).
  2. Articles declared accepted by Editor and Advisory Committee are referred to Peer reviewers for further assessment.
  3. All submitted papers go through a double-blind peer review. For this purpose, identity of the author is removed from the manuscript prior to its review.
  4. A reviewer comment form is attached for recording or Reviewers comments. You are requested to fulfill this form in accordance with your assessment.
  5. You are expected to review the article(s) quite promptly and professionally.
  6. Surely, Editor sends your comments to author(s) promptly and ensures that correction suggested by you are incorporated by the author(s) in true letter and spirit.
  7. Report your detailed comments in comments box as they are very important and help us to present standard publications.